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Many foreigners in Korea come as overseas workers or expats, but all have the goal of saving money & growing their personal wealth. Our videos highlight the financial tools available to expats in Korea.

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Getting Credit Cards & Loans in Korea

This episode gives a quick rundown on the importance of building credit, its effect on potential loan applications, and how to check your credit score. Below is a list of relevant links.

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Secure Immediate Returns in Korea

Onnuri Sangpumgwon (온누리 상품권) is a gift certificate that can be redeemed at SMEs across Korea. It can be used at places like traditional markets, small businesses, small to medium sized grocery stores, or some brick and mortars.

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Fund Investing in Korea

Whether through mutual funds or index funds, consumers have a number of options for investing their money into the market to automate returns and generate some passive income. This video will teach you how to set up research funds on Naver and set them up through your bank app.

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